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DDH are a local family-run business and our qualified engineers are committed to providing a first-class quality service for all our customers. We will work closely with you to ensure your requirements are fully met at a sensible price, offering a friendly and reliable service to all. We will provide quotes for your work at no cost and guarantee to match any genuine ‘like-for-like’ quote.

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Gas Boiler Installation in Lytham St Annes

Over the years we have fitted hundreds of new boilers in Lytham St Annes homes. It’s safe to say we are highly experienced in this field. We pride ourselves on delivering a first class service. As a homeowner, you need to be sure your boiler’s adequately fitted. Running to the best possible efficiency. Getting the best value for money out of your heating spend. We are Worcester Bosch accredited installers. We can guarantee you’ll be happy with your new boiler. A warm home and seeing your energy bills drop.

Why Install A New Boiler?

The first step is deciding whether you need a new boiler. A household boiler accounts for 55-60% of your annual energy bill. As boilers age, they lose efficiency. Annual boiler servicing ensures your boiler runs as efficiently as possible. Even so, a boiler becomes less efficient over time.
The latest condensing boilers run at 90%+ efficiency which means only 10% of fuel’s wasted. Some condensing boilers are even 99% efficient. Condensing boilers catch wasted gas. Used for heating water running through the heating system. Old non-condensing gas boilers run as low as 55% efficiency that’s 45% of your fuel usage wasted. Replacing an old boiler with a new boiler can save you £340 a year in energy bills. (for a typical three bedroom semi-detached home).
Old boilers are more prone to breaking down than modern ones. Maintenance can get expensive, and parts can be hard if not impossible to source. A nightmare scenario if your old boiler fails in the middle of winter. Modern Boilers and central heating systems take up less space than older versions. So not only do you save money it’s possible to free up space as well.

New Boiler Installation Benefits

  • A warmer home is more comfortable and cosy; you will feel the difference with a new boiler
  • A new boiler is more energy efficient than an old boiler, attractive to house buyers if you plan on selling anytime soon.
  • Increased energy efficiency means cheaper gas bills
  • A lower carbon footprint is better for the environment

Our friendly gas safe registered engineers will advise you on all options. For a new energy efficient boiler. (and central heating system if required) that works with your home and budget.


Boiler installation or replacement?

Boiler Installation

When moving into a new building, or when extending your home. A new boiler installation’s required. The most important task is fitting the most suitable boiler for the situation. Not all boilers are the same as not all homes and buildings are the same. Installing the correct boiler will guarantee the best possible heating and energy efficiency. Our expert heating engineers will determine the best boiler. For your new home or extension and of course budget.

Boiler Replacement

Pipes and radiators will last a lot longer than a boiler. Around 15-25 years as long as proper fitting took place and was well maintained. Serviced boilers will last for 10-15 years. As such boilers need replacing before the rest of the central heating system. So are more common than boiler installations. We regularly replace boilers in Lytham St Annes. This can be a simple process. For example, a combi boiler switch can take as little as a day. In other situations, where a new type of boilers needed can take longer. For example, an old combi boiler’s taken out, and a new system boiler’s put in its place. New components are necessary for the central heating system. So the job will take longer. Whatever the job requirements. Our engineers will have the job done swiftly with minimal disruption to your home and family. The first step is for one of our gas safe registered engineers to visit your home. Undertaking a free no obligation survey on your boiler needs. At a time most convenient for you. On the visit, the engineer will perform a careful analysis of your home. For a new boiler installation or an existing boiler replacement. You can let our engineer know your heating and hot water requirements and ask any questions you may have. Our engineer will offer recommendations so you can get the most out of your new boiler.

New Boiler Installation Considerations

The first thing to consider when installing a new boiler is the size of the boiler. Determined by your hot water requirements and amount of radiators in your home. Boilers are available in different sizes and different types. Boiler sizes can be confusing for the homeowner. One of our engineers will advise you on the best type of boiler and required size for your unique situation.
Boilers are available in three sizes 24-27kw, 28-32kw and 35-42kw. Kw is the measure of power. A 24-27kw boiler’s designed for the smaller home of 1-2 bedrooms with a single bathroom and up to 10 radiators. A 28-32kw boiler’s designed for average size 3-4 bedroom homes with up to 15 radiators and 1-2 bathrooms. The largest boiler’s designed for large homes. With many bathrooms and lots of radiators.
Boiler location is important. If you already have a boiler installed a simple replacement may be in order. To save time, money and disruption by leaving it where it is. Some Lytham St Annes homeowners feel that by moving an existing boiler. They can free up some much-needed space. Our engineers will advise you on all the options for a new boiler location.

What Type Of Boiler To Choose

Once the right size of the boiler’s determined for your home the next step is to select the type of boiler you want. The type of boiler you choose will again depend on your hot water and heating requirements. Available space’s taken into consideration also. There are three types of boiler. Combi, System and Regular (also known as conventional or traditional boilers)

Combi Boilers are a popular choice among Lytham St Annes households. They are compact and don’t need any loft space (unlike regular systems). Use the least amount of pipework and provide hot water on demand. Water’s heated as it flows through the heating element inside the Boiler. Your hot water flows at the same pressure as the mains. Combi boilers are a good choice for the smaller home. They now account for over 50% of all new boilers fitted every year. Combi Boilers don’t need a pump or water cylinder. Making them easy to install and service.

System Boilers are a better choice for large homes with more than one bathroom. A storage cylinder ensures that hot water’s supplied to many hot taps if necessary. System boilers don’t need a feed and expansion tank, so no loft space’s lost. A System Boiler delivers hot water to your radiators. A pressurised cylinder stores hot water to serve your taps. System Boilers are easy to install. They take up less space and are more efficient than Regular Boilers. System Boilers are compatible with vented or unvented systems.

Regular boilers are commonly found in older homes around Lytham St Annes. Ideal for larger homes with two or more bathrooms. When multiple hot water taps are used at the same time. Regular boilers use a cold water storage tank (in the loft), expansion tank (also in the loft) and a hot water cylinder to store the heated water Regular Boilers and working parts of the system take up more space than a combi or system boiler.

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